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Virginia Rappe
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Voting for Virginia Rappe has been suspended for the week due to inclusion in Last Week's Top 25 Most or Least Annoying.
    (September 19, 1895-September 9, 1921)
    Murdered at 25
    Acted in mostly smaller roles in silent films 'His Wedding Night' (1917), 'Paradise Garden' (1917) and 'An Adventuress' (1920)
    Cover girl for 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart'
    Her birth year is unknown, she claimed 1894 but records claimed 1895.
    She died during an orgy at the St. Francis Hotel in San Fransisco. Fatty Arbuckle was implicated in her death. She died from peritonitis, resulting for the possibility of being crushed by something heavy.
    When she drank to excess she would pass out and fall down.
    Fatty Arbuckle attempted to put ice on her hip, but she woke up screaming that he was raping her.
    She is the victim in probably Hollywood's biggest scandal.
    She had only two credited roles, those in 'Paradise Garden,' and 'An Adventuress.'
    Her friend Maude Delmont, who was an opportunist, accused Fatty of dragging Virginia into his bedroom. Delmont claimed Arbuckle said 'I've waited five years to get you.'
    Unlike most rape victims there was no bruising, indication of struggle or evidence of rape.
    The media described her as 'a real life Snow White' but she certainly was not.
    The scandal ruined Fatty Arbuckle's career.
    She is only remembered because she was linked to Fatty Arbuckle trial.
    Following her death, movie theatres across the country ran her films, advertising them as starring the victim of a sensational Hollywood murder.
    The Motion Picture Theatre Owners of America Association had to ban all of her films in order to stop the exploitation of her death.
    She had at least five abortions by the time she was 16.
    She had described Fatty Arbuckle as 'rude and disrespectful to women,' however many believe it is because her boyfriend Henry Lehrman had a long-lasting feud with Fatty Arbuckle.
    Ironically her last name resembles the word rape.
    The reason her body showed no evidence of being a rape victim, may be because she passed out and would not have struggled.
    When drunk she occasionally stripped completely.
    She had a supporting role opposite Rudolph Valentino in 'An Adventuress.'
    The only known still existing movie she appeared in is the silent comedy 'His Wedding Night.' The film starred Buster Keaton and ironically Fatty Arbuckle.
    She was a bastard, born to an unwed mother.
    Her mom died when she was 11.
    Her fiancee Henry Lehrman was 'too busy' to attend her funeral. He married a young model shortly after.
    She was the cover girl to 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart.'
    Researched by Jack Magic
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