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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
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    Established by Vladamir Lenin and the Bolshevik/Communist Party (December 1922)
    Originally consisted of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR), the Transcaucasian SFSR Ukraine, and Belorussia
    Member of the Big Three during World War II
    Participant in the Cold War (1945-1991)
    Collapsed over economic and constitutional issues into 15 separate states (1991)
    Over 1/6th of the world's land surface in its prime, bordering 12 countries
    Expanded to involve Turkmenistan (1924), Uzbekistan (1924), Tajikistan (1929), Kazakhstan (1936), Kirgizia (1936), Estonia (1940), Latvia (1940), Lithuania (1940), Moldavia (1940), the Karelo-Finnish republic (land taken from Finland, 1940) and many other satellite governments in Europe and the Pacific after World War II
    Winston Churchill called it 'a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma.'
    It essentially was founded after the Bolsheviks took advantage of a previous revolution which ousted the tsars.
    Although it based itself on the ideas of Karl Marx, it came to resemble a society of classes like every other, only with a communist dictatorship.
    It tried to make its own peace with Germany during World War I, separate from the Allies.
    Only after minority parties and factions were eliminated one by one, sometimes involving murder, did the Bolsheviks gain power and turn the region into the Soviet Union.
    It was ruled for a large part of its history by Josef Stalin.
    It wasn't formally recognized by the United States until 1933.
    It tried to start a war with Finland, but ultimately, was embarrassed and humiliated after not bringing enough warm clothing and not being able to compete, even with modern equipment and superior numbers, against the Finnish army (1939).
    It was involved in the most brutal land war in the history of warfare against Nazi Germany, which killed millions of people, and didn't distinguish between civilian and non-civilian (1941-1945).
    It waged an ideological and armament war with the United States in what was known as the 'Cold War.'
    It provoked us to train for the event of a nuclear war in schools by hiding under our desks (because it's common knowledge that a hydrogen bomb cannot penetrate through a wooden desk).
    Many of its people were overworked and, as a result of stress, became alcoholics.
    Most of the time, its government just managed to maintain status quo.
    They sold arms to terrorist organizations and dictatorships all across the world.
    It spent a lot of time vilifying what they called 'Western nations.'
    When it collapsed, it left entire arsenals of dangerous weapons of mass destruction in the hands of weak governments.
    If it is on all the globes and world maps at your school, it is a sign that your school is under funded and needs to stop buying out-dated materials.
    It was the first to send an artificial satellite into orbit and first to land a craft on the moon.
    Under Josef Stalin, it had the greatest rise in economic standing in history, although at the cost of millions of lives.
    It managed to create a strong nation out of the backwater nation left by the tsars.
    It fought alongside the U.S. and Britain to take down the Axis Powers in World War II.
    It suffered the most losses during World War II, with over 27 million casualties.
    It managed to avoid a disastrous nuclear war with the United States.
    It's national anthem is catchy.
    It didn't last long, and showed the world the flaws of communism.
    The Russian revolution is the basis of George Orwell's barnyard allegory, 'Animal Farm.'
    Republics of the Soviet Unions
    Armenian SSR (Armenia)
    Azerbaijan SSR (Azerbaijan)
    Byelorussian SSR (Belarus)
    Estonian SSR (Estonia)
    Georgian SSR (Georgia)
    Kazakh SSR (Kazakhstan)
    Kirghiz SSR (Kyrgyzstan)
    Latvian SSR (Latvia)
    Lithuanian SSR (Lithuania)
    Moldavian SSR (Moldova)
    Russian SFSR (Russia)
    Tadzhik SSR (Tajikistan)
    Turkmen SSR (Turkmenistan)
    Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine)
    Uzbek SSR (Uzbekistan)

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