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Idi Amin
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World Leader
    (1925-August 16, 2003)
    Dictator of Uganda (1971-79)
    Buried in Ruwais cemetery, Saudi Arabia
    Had five wives and forty-three kids
    6'3 and 300 pounds
    Was a muslim
    Member of Kakwa tribe
    Self proclaimed official title was His Excellency President-for-Life Idi Amin, Dada (1976)
    Described by Steven Niven in 'Idi Amin: Crazy Like a Fascist' as 'Dictator! Madman! Tyrant! Butcher! Sadist! Genocidal Maniac'
    As General, started military coup in Uganda (January 25, 1971)
    Fled Uganda (April 11, 1979) to Libya, Zaire, Iraq and eventually Saudi Arabia
    He dropped out of school so he could join the 'King's African Rifles.'
    After ousting Milton Obote, he appointed himself President (dictator) of Uganda (February 20, 1971).
    In a speech, he said God instructed him to make Uganda 'a black man's country.'
    He claimed that Asians (mostly Indians) living in Uganda were becoming the wealthy class and was refusing interracial marriages with Ugandian blacks, so he expelled as many as 80,000 Asians from Uganda (Summer 1972). He also took their belongings and property and gave it to his inner circle.
    He waged war against Tanzania, which led to his downfall (October 1978).
    He slaughtered and tortured up to a half million Ugandans.
    Because graves could not be dug fast enough, many of his victim's bodies were thrown in the Nile and Lake Victoria.
    He feared brilliant minds, so he slaughtered scientists and medical experts.
    Twenty-five years after being kicked out of Uganda, Uganda remains a very poor country because of his killing and the expulsion of those experts.
    He admitted to being a cannibal, saying '[I] tried human flesh and it's too salty for my taste.'
    United Nations Human Rights Commission condemned his human rights abuses.
    Because of his savagery, The U.S. closed their embassy in Uganda (1973).
    He was known to feed his opposition to crocodiles.
    When Palestinians hijacked a French passenger jet, he allowed them to land in Entebbe (July 1976).
    Although claiming he was helping the hijack hostages, it was apparent he was in collusion with the hijackers. Israel did not believe him and raided Entebbe, killing all the hijackers, rescuing all the passengers with the lose of only one Israeli commando.
    Dora Bloch, a British Jewish grandmother, who was released by the hijackers for medical treatment, was not rescued. Humiliated, he ordered her execution.
    He accused Uganda's Anglican archbishop of conspiracy, the next day the archbishop was found murdered (January 1977).
    Reed Brody, special counsel of Human Rights Watch said of Amin: 'If you kill one person, you go to jail; if you kill 20, you go to an institution for the insane; if you kill 20,000, you get political asylum.'
    When Italian journalist, Riccardo Orizio, interviewed him, he ask if he felt remorse. He said 'No, only nostalgia' (1999).
    His name sounded a lot like actress Edie Adams.
    He had an ex-wife killed and dismembered.
    He made Uganda famous/infamous.
    He was one of eight children in his family abandoned by his father.
    His mom claimed to be a sorceress.
    He was the Ugandan heavyweight boxing champion (1951-60).
    He staged a military coup that overthrew Milton Obote, who was a ruthless leader of Uganda. Obote was planning to arrest him for misappropriation of funds (January 25, 1971).
    British intelligence reported he could be 'easy to manipulate,' as he was a 'little short on the grey matter.'
    Britain and Israel aided Amin during and after his coup, until he demanded military equipment (1972), so he aligned himself with Libya and the U.S.S.R.
    During the 1960's, he trained in Israel and helped move supplies to Israeli-backed rebels in southern Sudan.
    His first overseas trip as president is to Israel.
    Because he was buffoonish and semi-literate, many would think of him as comic relief, not realizing he was killing people at will.
    He wrote to Queen Elizabeth, promising to send her œ600 to help Britain's economy. He also invited her to Uganda if she 'wanted a real man.'
    He offered Uganda as a vacation spot to Richard Nixon during the Watergate trials.
    Claiming his own gallantry, he awarded himself the Victoria Cross.
    Irrationally, he awarded himself several medals for bravery during World War II.
    For no apparent reason, he declared himself King of Scotland.
    In bizarre moments, he wrote Queen Elizabeth: 'I would like you to arrange for me to visit Scotland, Ireland and Wales to meet the heads of revolutionary movements fighting against your imperialist oppression' (1975).
    He later wrote 'Dear Liz, if you want to know a real man, come to Kampala.'
    Tanzanian troops marched into the capital Kampala and overthrew him (April 11, 1979).
    He failed in an attempt to return to Uganda (1989).
    In retirement, he played the accordion and enjoyed reciting from the Koran.
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